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  • Best Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa
    Costa Mesa workouts are the best! Time to have some fun in the sun. The food pyramid is totally bogus. While carbohydrates are good for you, you should stick to complex carbs found in vegetables and whole grains.
  • Best Personal Trainer in Irvine
    Watch the fat melt off your body with personal training in Irvine. It's California, baby! Water skiing in a popular enough activity. You should try it sometime!
  • Best Personal Trainer in Newport Beach
    Ready to hit the beach? Newport Beach fitness coaches will have you ready for the surf in no time. Eating salad with your meal will help improve your digestion because the lettuce helps to break down what you consume.
  • Best Personal Trainer in Orange County
    If your passion is good, healthy fun, then you've come to right place. Orange County workouts will get your whole self in shape. Avocado is touted as an extremely healthy fruit. It contains good fats that your body needs.
  • Best Personal Trainer in Tustin
    Tustin trainers want to help you! Loads of residents are smiling now when they look in the mirror. Also check out the local dog show. Hundreds of rare and interesting breeds.

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  • Fitness Training Articles - Loaded with Quick Tips - Throughout this website I like to give people in the OC or in LA quick fitness tips. Sometimes you'll find em' in the strangest of placest. For example, this one, right here in the middle of my site map. Well, I figure if you're here looking for a trainer in your area than I can even start helping you now by putting some quick tips out there for you in as many places as I can. This one is called Sticks and Stones? How To Avoid the Silent Health Threat. ( You'll find many more just like this one if you follow the "Fitness Training Articles" link above) Here ya go:
  • It seems like we are too young to have to worry about things like osteoporosis or retirement doesn't it? But these are the silly details of adult life that loom and come up faster than you would ever imagine possible. I know, I feel like I still have my whole life ahead of me (and I do). Aren't there enough things to worry about already like the next president, global warming, and don't forget- looking hot? But it is never too soon to take precautions now that will end up making life a whole lot easier later. Don't you want to stand tall and proud throughout your life, running marathons and chasing the grandkids? Just a few changes now can mean a longer more satisfying life.
  • Bone is like skin. It regenerates over time, but does so at a much faster rate when you're young, ya know, like in the good ole days before 18. After that, the process gets slower and slower. Fear not, even throughout your 20's and 30's it is possibe to change your eating routine to help add to your bone “reserves” or at least stop the clock.
  • Read the labels at the grocery store to make sure to purchase products that may include calcium instead of the ones that don't. Most low-fat dairy products offer options with extra calcium. Studies have also shown that Vitamin C can lead to greater bone density. So go ahead and eat your broccoli; mom was right about that after all.
  • Calcium alone just won't do however. Some vitamins and minerals need a best friend to work. Calcium is one of those. It can't be properly absorbed unless it is bound to its bff-Vitamin D which can be fortunately found in, yes, SUNSHINE. Hey, the sun is not all bad after all!
  • Some foods can be known to act like a frenemy to calcium and get in there nice and close and smile , only to block calcium absorption. So beware, even though you might think you are getting your daily intake, some of that calcium is actually falling by the wayside.
  • Processed foods are definitely partly to blame. You might be surprised to find that great foods can also be culprits in robbing you of your calcium store. On that list are spinach and some legumes, good sources of protein and iron, bad news for those trying to boost their calcium.
  • So you're geared up to eat more calcium rich foods, increase certain vitamins and maybe spend a little time in the sun? What else can you do? Exercise. Like you didn't already have enough reasons to break a sweat. Perhaps you have the cardio thing down. Things like swimming and cycling are great for burning calories and keeping your heart ticking but more forceful activity is needed to stimulate the skeleton (who knew that needed stimulating?). Weight-training and running are great in this particular area. So switch it up and combine your swimming with weights or your yoga with running and not only will you be doing the bones a favor but the added bonus is, you won't get bored.
  • Be sure and follow the "fitness training articles" link above for more quick tips articles just like this one