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"Renegade Personal FitnessTrainer in Orange County California Helps an Army of Local Residents Shed Their Fat, Sculpt Their Physiques and Get into Mind Boggling Shape"

The Top Personal Trainer in Orange County Ca Will Help You Lose Fat, Tone Muscle and Look Amazing...

Do you want to look and feel more attractive, confident and healthy?

Do you want to feel balanced, peaceful and full of life?

Do you want to have a "workout body"?


Hi I'm Chris, an Orange County Weight Loss and muscle toning specialist. I personally know what it feels like to be out of shape. It sucks! I used to weigh 359 pounds, and I hated it. But it's not like that anymore...

Now I'm known as The Personal Trainer Orange County Ca How did I go from being over 140 pounds overweight to being a personal trainer with an extremely loyal following of Orange County Residents who have gotten into the best shape of their lives using my personal training program?

I worked my butt off in the gym. I paid my dues. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and that includes 6 pack abdominals and an athletic looking body.

I cut through all the B.S being propagated by the weight loss industry and I found exactly what works. Then I systemized what works and hired a team of the most dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainers in Orange County. If you'd like to learn more about how I did this visit our Personal Training Orange County home page

Our Personal Training service will help you:

  • Lose Fat at a Rapid Rate - We will turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Tone Your Muscles - So you can get that much sought after Fit Look
  • Enjoy Cutting Edge Workout Routines
  • Look Fantastic - I mean let's face it. It's hard to look good when you're out of shape

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Best Fitness Trainer Orange County CA

We serve all of Orange County with gym and in home personal trainers, with our intensive Fitness Trainer assisted workouts, we will:

  • Motivate You - Your Fitness Trainer will push you way beyond what you would do yourself. A lot of people are good at showing up at the gym, but then when they get there they do half-assed workouts. That's great if you want half-assed results, but if you really want to get into shape you need to WORK
  • Show You What to Eat to Get the Body you Want. Food choices are extremely important when it comes to creating your ideal physique. If you want to get into shape but you're living fast food, white bread and chocolate it's not going to happen so just forget it. If you're willing to trade those cheese burgers for some lean steak, trade that white bread for some whole wheat and trade in the chocolate ice cream for some fresh fruit and yogurt then we can definitely help you.
  • Instruct You - Your Personal Trainer Orange County Style will show you exactly what exercises to do and how to do them correctly. Most people have no idea what exercises to do or how to do them. This can waste years of time spent in the gym. If you're going to workout, why not do it the right way? Did you know six months of exercising properly is more effective than years of doing things the wrong way?
  • Get You In Shape - Your Personal Trainer will give you 100 percent everything you need so can get into the shape you want - nothing will be left to chance.
  • Keep You Accountable - We will do everything in our power to make sure you show up for your workouts. There are so many people with gym memberships but very few who actually use them. You need to show up to your sessions, and we're here to make sure you do that.

Watch this video of client success stories:

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Best Orange County Ca In Gym and In Home Personal Trainer

Our program is reserved for the select few who are willing to work. Getting in shape isn't easy for most people, it's simple and fun but it isn't easy. It takes committing to change, sacrifice, hard work and time.

It isn't easy but the rewards are huge. What's more important to you, ice cream or abs? What do you value more, watching "reality tv" or looking fantastic? Where would you rather be in six months, where you are now or in killer shape?

I can promise you, no food tastes as good as being in shape feels.

There are a lot of scams out there promising abs in a bottle, or muscles in a pill. Feel free to try those formulas out for yourself and if you don't like the results we'll be here for you to give us a call.

If you'd like to learn more about us and see tons of Orange County health club and personal training success stories and before and after pictures of local Orange County Residents who've achieved the body they wanted then visit the big blue link just a few sentences down the page.

We like to interview people on the phone prior to scheduling a trial workout. This is so we can make sure we only work with people who are dedicated to making positive and lasting changes in their lives. It'll take around five to fifteen minutes on the phone, and if we don't feel we can help you we'll point you in the direction of someone who can.

You'll see why my team is known as "The Best Personal Trainers Orange County California has to offer " We offer outdoor programs, at home training and in gym training.

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In Gym OR In Home Personal Trainer Orange County

About Orange County California
Orange County has a long and colorful history involving all kinds of industry, including oil, avocadoes, walnuts, railroads, boysenberries, amusement parks and of course orange groves.  The area was explored by Gaspar de Portola, for whom the Portola Toll Roads are named after.  After much settling, the drought of 1860 brought changes and land barons to buy out destroyed Spanish settlers, notably James Irvine, who bought all of what is now Irvine with 2 other investors for approximately $18,000 dollars all together.  Irvine later bought out his fellow investors for $150,000, and now the Irvine Company still owns and runs most of the city.  Homes in Irvine cannot be bought at this time for under $500,000.  The agriculture in Orange County has slowed and been bought out to make room for new construction, bulldozing the famed Orange Groves for Spanish Style homes and condos.  Orange County has a long list of celebrities that were born in the county or have made it their home, as well as a long list of sports teams, entertainment and attractions, beautiful scenery, and countless things to do, making it a #1 travel destination. 

Find out why we are known as the Personal Training Orange County Ca Service to use for fitness makeovers! It's fast, fun and worth it!

Our Orange County in home personal training and in gym fitness program is to help get you the body you want

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