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The Three Problems People Have with Personal Trainers in Mission Viejo and What We've Done about It

Here are Three Very Important Things You Must Know Before You Hire a Personal Trainer in Mission Viejo California

Dear Mission Viejo Resident,

You are probably aware that working out with a personal trainer is a very popular thing to do these days. Along with Pilates, aerobics, yoga, spin classes and weight loss clinics it is definitely one of the more popular choices for getting into shape.

But, not all personal fitness training programs in and around Mission Viejo, CA are created equally...

Did you know the truth is most people who take on the task of exercising with a personal trainer are very unsatisfied with their progress? Did you also know many of them wish they would have saved their money and never hired the personal trainer in the first place?

The sad truth is the majority of people who work with a personal trainer get little or no results at all, even after spending that hard earned money, showing up to all those workouts, and working their butts off.

It's a shame, because many of these companies have given the personal training industry a bad name.

So why are so few people getting results? Why are most people who work out with a Mission Viejo personal fitness trainer unsatisfied with their progress? Why do personal trainers all over Orange County and Mission Viejo have such bad reputations when it comes to getting people into shape?

We've identified a few of the major problems here for you so you'll be well educated when selecting the right Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo personal fitness training program for you.

Personal Trainer Problem Number 1


Probably the biggest complaint people have with personal fitness trainers is they take their clients through the same exercise regimen every workout, week in, week out.

Doing the same routine over and over is just plain boring and also ineffective.

For one, unless the body receives some sort of stimulus that it's not used to it will adapt very quickly and stop making progress.

And two, the client gets extremely bored with the training because it's always the same. Unless there is some fun and new components to the training very few people will be able to stick with it long enough to see any tangible results

Personal Trainer Problem Number 2

Unfortunately, many personal trainers are basically just some guy or girl who applied for a job. Many health clubs and fitness centers will post job openings for sales mangers, maintenance technicians, and personal fitness trainers and when an applicant comes in they are usually given whichever job best fits their personality and qualifications and whichever position the fitness center needs to fill most.

Many times the person who applies to work as a personal trainer usually has little or no interest in exercise science, doesn't care about helping others, has absolutely no idea about how to encourage and motivate people, has very little experience teaching people how to workout and typically has very little enthusiasm for personal training.

Many of these so-called Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo personal trainers can't even motivate themselves much less other people. Motivation is an art form, and not every guy or girl who walks in from the street and just applies for position as a personal fitness trainer is going to be good at it, especially when you consider many of these gyms and health clubs only make their trainers go through some minimal weekend certification course.

Personal Trainer Problem Number 3

Because most personal trainers work in corporate gym, and these gyms are only driven by numbers they instruct their staff of personal trainers to encourage people to train more than is really necessary.

What happens is the health club makes more money in the short term, but often the client burns out, dreads the workouts, gets little results and discontinues the training program.

Most people would be much better to mix up their workouts by doing just a few workouts a week with the personal trainer and some other workouts on their own. These other workouts can consist of running, swimming, yoga, pilates, hiking, using cardio equipment, playing sports, biking or anything else the person enjoys that is active .

The Solution

At Positively Fit Personal Fitness Training we are dedicated to keeping the art of personal training a results producing, enjoyable, natural, holistic, fat burning, body sculpting and life changing experience.

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