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"Laguna Niguel Man Loses 143 Pounds of Body Fat and Then Becomes a Personal Fitness Trainer Helping an Army of Local Residents Get into Jaw Dropping Shape"

Even if You've Tried To Get Into Shape and Failed Before...
Even if You Just Can't Seem To Lose a Pound...
Even if You've Given Up All Hope...

Laguna Niguel California Personal Fitness Training Service and Weight Loss Specialists Will Help You Drop Fat, Tone Up and Get Into The Best Shape of Your Entire Life...


Would you like to lose fat?

Do you want to look fit and healthy?

Do you value your appearance?

Our Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills Personal Trainers will:

  • Encourage and motivate you to do your absolute best so you’ll get the results you desire. We’ll make sure when you come in the gym that you really rise up to the challenge and push yourself beyond what you would have had you not had a trainer.
  • Educate, Guide and Instruct you on what exercises to do for maximum fitness results. We’ll show you exactly which exercises to do if you want to get into mind boggling shape at a rapid rate. If you’re going to the gym, why waste your time with unproductive exercises that will get you little or no results
  • Teach you how to do the exercises in a safe and effective manner, using correct form so you not only get results, but so you don’t get hurt.
  • Keep you accountable to showing up for your workouts. Simply put, if you don’t show up to your workout appointments you won’t get the desired results. If you know that you paid a qualified personal fitness trainer to meet you and we’re waiting for you at the gym, you’re 10x as likely to show up.

Laguna Niguel, CA Personal Trainer will help you:

  • Tone up and define your entire body. We'll define your arms, tone your legs, chisel your abdominal muscles, and sculpt your shoulders and back muscles for that look that say "I workout and I'm proud of my body"
  • Shave off that extremely unwanted body fat from your stomach, hips and thighs
  • Lose inches
  • Project more self esteem and confidence when you walk into a room. If you look like you care about your body, you look like you care about yourself. A person who is confident is much more attractive that someone who isn't
  • Look more appealing to the opposite sex. Let's face it, fit and lean is extremely sexy and attractive. Fat and sluggish isn't.



Watch this video to see what our workouts are like and
the results our clients get:

We have an unparalleled reputation in Laguna Niguel for getting people the body they want.

If you value your physique, appearance, and health then give us a call at (800) 310-5062. Our dedicated personal trainers specialize in fat loss and muscle sculpting so you can look and feel great.

There is absolutely no cost to check it out and no pressure to join. If our personal trainers in Laguna Beach or Laguna Niguel is not the one for you we are well connected in the health and fitness industry in Orange County California and will help you find the right program for your specific needs, goals and values.

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