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"Personal Trainer in Irvine CA Loses 143 Pounds of Fat and Helps Local Residents Get into the Best Shape of Their Lives... See The Proof... "

Top Personal Fitness Trainer in Irvine CA Will Help You Melt Fat, Tone Muscle and Get the Body You Want...

Hi I'm Chris McCombs, of Positively Fit's personal training program in Irvine California. I used to be extremely out of shape. I had a big old gut, a little butt, flabby arms and I couldn't stand it.

What's crazy is now I'm actually known as Irvine's most celebrated personal trainer. Go figure!!! ( And trust me, if I can get into shape... ANYONE can )

Check me out in these before and after pictures:

Orange County Personal Trainer Before and After Picture

Irvine Ca Personal Trainer

How did I go from being 143lbs pounds overweight to being a personal trainer in Irvine California with an extremely loyal following of Irvine residents? It's pretty simple actually...

First I worked my butt off, and then I worked my butt off some more. Then I studied the ins and outs of exercise science and I worked my butt off some more. Studied more, worked more, simple formula...

Through my diligent studies I was able to weed through all the lies out there being passed around by the diet and fitness industry, and I found exactly what works and what doesn't-and believe me, most of it doesn't.

But persistence truly paid off and I was able to hit pay dirt. I truly found what works and became of disciple and a teacher of what it really takes to get into amazing shape.

Then I took what works and I systemized it, created a program and hired a team of the most committed and knowledgeable personal trainers in Irvine. A team of personal trainers dedicated to getting people into the best shape possible.

If you're interested in losing fat, toning your muscles, getting fit, feeling great and looking amazing then either give us a call at (800) 310-5062 learn more about our Orange County Personal Trainers

We service all of Irvine and Orange County with our personal trainer supervised workouts. We are very serious about getting you the body you want so please, only call if you're serious as well.


Watch this video to see what kinds of results our clients get:

Your Kick Butt Personal Trainer Irvine California is here to:

  • Motivate You - Your Irvine Personal Trainer will push you well beyond what you would do on your own. A lot of people are good at showing up at the health club but then when they get there they do cheesy no energy workouts. That's great if you want cheesy results, but if you really want to get into shape you need to WORK
  • Guide You - Your Personal Trainer will give you direction and show you what exercises and routines to do and how to do them the right way. Here's where a lot of people really drop the ball, they do all the wrong exercises and they do them the wrong way
  • Get You Fit- Your Personal Trainer will give you 100 percent everything you need so can have the fit body you want. You'll be toned, firm, lean and you're going to look great
  • Keep You Accountable - We will do everything in our power to make sure you show up for your workouts. What's the point of having a health club membership if you don't show up?


Your Irvine CA Personal Fitness Trainer will help you:

  • Lose Fat Fast - We will turn you into a fat melting machine
  • Sculpt Your Muscles - So you can look lean
  • Look Amazing - Let's face it. It's hard to look good when you're overweight or out of shape. I know it's a sad fact, but it's the truth and that's just the way it is
  • Feel Great About Yourself - Come on, you have to know how great it feels when you look good. When you're light and lean and other people notice---oh man is it awesome!


And if you don't happen to live in Irvine we have personal trainers in Newport Beach

and all over Orange County!!!

Just call (800) 310-5062 to learn more

Or visit this link:

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About Irvine
The city of Irvine is a master planned community, owned and planned for the most part by The Irvine Company.  In 2005 Irvine was named the safest city in the US.  Home to the communities of Walnut, the Ranch, Culverdale, University Park and Turtle Rock, Woodbridge and approximately 15 more villages, Irvine also is well known for it’s business community.  People from all over Orange County commute into Irvine for work each day, to companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, In-N-Out Headquarters, The Taco Bell Corporation, Verizon Wireless, Linksys, O’Neill, and LA Fitness, among many others.  Many notable people hail from Irvine, such as Will Ferrell (actor and comedian), Dita von Teese (burlesque performer), Jim Rome (sportscaster), Mark McGwire (baseball player), Tim Commerford (bassist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave), Tom Dumont (guitarist for No Doubt) and many more. 

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