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"Huntington Beach Personal Fitness Trainer Swears Under Oath his Workouts and Training Program Won't Make You Too Skinny"

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There has been some talk going around local health and fitness circles. Family members have voiced their concerns. Other personal trainers in Huntington Beach, California have tried to figure out how it's all happening. Just exactly what's going on here?

You see there's a certain group of Orange County and Huntington Beach residents who have been losing fat at an alarming rate.


So many pounds have been shed that people are whispering of dangerous, unethical and illegal fat loss techniques being applied. Some have said it's because of drugs, others surgery, and still others starvation.

Yet one renegade personal fitness trainer from Huntington Beach, California swears his weight loss program won't make his clients too skinny. He says it's all on the up and up and he says the astonishing results are all from hard work at the dinner table and in the gym.

Who are we to believe?

The shocked family members and conspiracy shouting personal trainers or Chris McCombs...

Chris swears his program is safe, he swears it's ethical, and that it's all based on exercise and the implementation of sound nutritional principles. But, the fact is many of his clients have gone from extremely overweight and out of shape to being lean, fit and healthy in record time.

The Huntington Beach and Irvine personal fitness trainer stands solid in his tracks that it's all in the name of good health. He swears he just wants to help people...

Here's Chris's side of the story: "My program is safe, natural, healthy, effective and scientifically proven. Our personal trainers fuse cutting edge workout techniques and old school hardcore exercises with proper nutrition and supplementation. Yes, I admit our workouts are very intense, and yes, I admit we've been accused time and again of going overboard with our clients when it comes to getting them results. However, what we do is completely holistic and healthy"

"My clients meet with a qualified personal trainer two to three times per week, they do some cardiovascular exercise on their own a few other days a week, they eat one of many healthy diet and meal plans we offer them and they keep their goals at the forefront of their thoughts. Our clients hold the image of their ideal body right there in their mind while taking planned action steps on a daily basis to meet their goals"

The personal trainer also says "The workouts can be pretty challenging, but the funny thing is most people end up getting addicted to them"

Along with meeting a qualified personal trainer in Fountain Valley, Orange County or Huntington Beach area the clients are also given instruction as to what they can and can't eat if they really want to get into their ideal shape.

Chris made a dramatic transformation going from three hundred and fifty nine pounds down to a lean, toned and healthy two hundred and sixteen pounds. He did it applying all these same principles.

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OC and Huntington Beach Personal Trainer Chris McCombs
lost an astounding 143 lbs

In fifteen months the "against the grain" Huntington Beach personal trainer lost one hundred and forty three pounds of fat. People accused the now personal trainer of relying on surgery or other extreme measures to drop all that weight, yet he insists he did it the holistic and scientific way by combining proper strength training and nutrition principles.

Chris says he exercised with free weights two to three days per week and did aerobic exercise (like running and swimming) another three to four times per week. He also applied the same sound nutritional strategy he teaches to his clients today.

After losing all the weight Chris had so many people questioning him about how he made such a transformation that a light bulb went off.

"People everywhere kept asking me about how I lost the weight" the personal trainer says.

In fact, so many people asked him about it he decided to dedicate his life to helping others get in shape as well, so he became a certified personal trainer. He trained in corporate health clubs, and didn't agree with the high pressure sales techniques they used so he broke off on his own and started the company Positively Fit Personal Fitness Training.

Now, five years later this Huntington Beach personal trainer has built a literal army of loyal and local OC and HB residents who have also made amazing transformations themselves. Many of these Orange County and Newport Beach personal training fat loss success stories and physique transformations can be seen by clicking the link below, at the bottom of the page.

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If you're interested in learning more or possibly working with one of Chris's dedicated personal trainers you can call (888) 340-0497. Keep in mind there is slight application process potential clients must go through before his company will take someone on. They insist on working only with people who are serious about reaching their health and fitness goals.

If you're interested in learning more about how this Huntington Beach Personal Fitness Trainer lost got into amazing shape and how he's helping other local residents do the same then...


Just call (888) 340-0497 to learn more or visit

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