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Corona Del Mar Personal Trainer Swears Under Oath his Weight Loss Program Won't Make You Too Skinny

Corona Del Mar, CA

Personal Trainer Chris McCombs from Corona Del Mar California swears under oath that his CDM and Newport Beach fitness training program won't make his clients too skinny. While many have seem dramatic results and have even been accused of losing weight too fast, Chris swears that his personal training program is safe and that even though many of clients have gone from overweight to being extremely lean the Corona Del Mar personal trainer stands firm that it's all in the name of good health.


"The personal training program I use on my clients is natural, holistic and healthy. We balance proper exercise with proper nutrition and recovery recommendations. Yes, I'll admit our workouts are intense, and yes, I'll admit we've been accused of going overboard when it comes to getting our clients into shape, but what we do is safe, effective and proven to be healthy" Chris says.

The program includes having his clients meet with a personal trainer usually 2 times per week and then he has clients do some cardio work on their own on other days. A qualified personal trainer assigned by Chris takes the clients through the entire process.

"The workouts are challenging, yet most people end up getting addicted to them" the personal trainer says.

In combination with meeting with a personal fitness trainer in or near Corona Del Mar the clients are also given nutritional instruction and an option of various meal plans and programs, which the personal trainer insists are all healthy and safe.

Chris made a dramatic transformation himself going from an unsightly 359 lbs all the way down to fit and trimmed 216lbs relying only on exercise and proper nutrition.

The Corona Del Mar and Orange County personal trainer made his transformation in a 15 month period in 2000 and 2001. At the time many people accused Chris of relying on drugs, surgery or other extreme measures, yet he promises he did it all the healthy, natural and logical way by implementing proper weight training and nutrition techniques which are backed up by science.

He lifted weights 2-3 days per week, did cardio work another 3-4 days per week and ate the right combinations of foods at the right times.

After making the transformation Chris got so many compliments and had so many people ask him how he made such a transformation that he decided to dedicate his life to helping others get into shape. He has built a small army of local residents who have gone from out of shape to literal walking billboards for his methods. Many of these transformations can be seen here

Watch this video to see what our workouts are like and
the results our clients get:

If you're interested in learning more about Chris's company, Positively Fit Personal Training can be reached at (800) 310-5062. There is slight application process potential clients must go through to make sure that everyone accepted into the program are serious about reaching their fitness goals.

If you'd like to learn more about how this Corona Del Mar Personal Trainer lost 143 pounds of fat and how he's helping other local residents make similar transformations Visit this page:

Corona Del Mar Personal Trainer

Or call (800) 310-5062

About Corona Del Mar
Corona Del Mar is a small area located slightly South of Newport Beach, and is home to many boutiques and high-end store fronts, ranging from Interior Designers, clothing and apparel, jewelry, jazz restaurants, wine cellars, and more.  A very eclectic gathering of businesses, the city also houses many bungalow style homes, as well as mansions overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Corona Del Mar was originally a tiny town only reachable by a small boat at thigh tide, or over a muddy dirt road that crossed over the Irvine Ranch.  Time has changed all that, and the city is now a destination for some of the most sought after cuisine, trendiest shops and laid-back lifestyles.

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