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The 4 Problems Most People Have With Aliso Viejo Personal Trainers and How We've Solved Them

The Four Things You Must Know Before You Hire a Personal Trainer in Aliso Viejo California

Dear Aliso Viejo Neighbor,

Did you know that most people who work out with a personal trainer are very unsatisfied with the results and many of them wish they never hired the trainer in the first place? In fact, the majority of people who work with a personal trainer get little or no results. It's a shame because it's really given the personal training industry a bad name.

So, why are most people who work out with an Aliso Viejo personal fitness training program unsatisfied? Why do very few get results? Why do personal trainers in Aliso Viejo have such a bad reputation?


Problem #1 - Many Aliso Viejo and Mission Viejo personal trainers are just some guy who applied for a job. That's right, many gyms will post job openings for a sales associate, janitor, and personal trainer and when someone comes in and applies the person is pretty much given whatever job they request.

You see, the person who applies for a job as a trainer usually has little or no interest in exercise, doesn't care about helping people, does not know how to motivate people, and definitely has no passion for personal training.

Years ago, when most all trainers were independent it was different. Back then most were training because it was the career path they had chosen, but today the large corporations run most of the personal training services and with this comes watered down personal training, a lack of passion, no real desire to help anyone and a cookie cutter one size fits all hum drum ineffective personal training experience.

Many of these personal trainers can't motivate themselves much less their clients. Motivating people is an art, and not every guy who walks in from the street and applies for a job is going to be able to master that art, especially not after a quick-fix one weekend certification program which is what most gyms have their employees go through to become a personal trainer?

Problem # 2 - Many Orange Coutny personal fitness trainers take their clients through the same exercise routine every workout. This is just plain boring and ineffective. For one, the client gets extremely bored with the training because it's always the same. And two, unless the body receives some sort of stimulus it's not used to it will adapt very quickly and not get results. Basically, your body will stay the same.

Problem # 3 - Many personal trainers try to talk people into training more than they need to. Sure, from a short term standpoint the trainer and the health club make more money, but typically the client and their pocket book burns out and the client discontinues the training.

Most people would be much better off to do just a few workouts a week with the trainer and a few other cardio workouts on their own. The client will enjoy the mix of routines and not burn out as easily, and it won't cost nearly as much money.

Problem # 4  - Many personal trainers in Aliso Viejo try to play therapist with the client, giving all sorts of advice on relationships and work problems. Personal trainers are not therapists. Beyond the scope of helping people improve their mindset when it comes to their health and fitness personal trainers should know not to cross the line of playing therapist. This is not only dangerous when done with a vulnerable client, but it also leads to an hour of talking instead of an hour of training, which is what the client is paying for in the first place right?

The Solution  - At Positively Fit Personal Training we are committed to keeping the art of personal training a holistic, effective, fat melting, body toning, life changing experience.

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