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"The Three Concerns People Have with Personal Trainers in Laguna Beach and Our Simple Solution"

Here are Three Essential Things You Must Know Before Sign Up a Personal Trainer in Laguna Beach, California

Dear Laguna Beach, CA Resident,

I'm sure you know that having a personal fitness trainer to work out with is the trendy thing these days in Laguna Beach. While yoga, Pilates, spin classes, Curves, aerobics, and weight loss clinics are all popular, personal training is definitely one of the most popular choices among Laguna Beach residents.

However, all personal fitness training programs in and around Laguna Beach, CA are not created equally.

In truth, a lot of people who decide to get in shape, and opt for a personal trainer are very discouraged with their lack of progress. Are you aware that many of these people feel that they wasted their money, and wish they had never hired a Laguna Beach or Laguna Hills personal trainer?

Unfortunately, the percent of people who train with a personal trainer and get minimal results if any at all even after hours of work, spend tons of money, and end up giving up is unnecessarily high.

These personal trainers and big fitness companies have given the industry a bad reputation, which is really a shame.

Why are so many of these people giving up their workout session with their Laguna Beach personal fitness trainer? Why do only a few of the people working with personal trainers get significant results? Who is responsible for giving Aliso Viejo personal trainers from Laguna Beach and Orange County, CA such a bad name?

Below are a few of the big problems that we've found and are listing so you too can be educated when you decide to choose the right Laguna Beach personal fitness training program for you.


Personal Trainer Problem # 1

One major concern people have with personal training in Laguna Niguel and in Laguna Beach is that their trainer will run them through the same exercise routine day after day, week after week.

Working out is hard enough, without making it boring and ineffective by doing the same exercises over and over.

First, if your body doesn't receive a stimulus that it isn't accustomed to it will quickly become used to the exercises, and stop making progress.

Second, a bored client is a client that will not be interested or excited about coming to the gym or health club, and because of that will make even less progress as they are not enjoying what they're doing and will tend to give up or miss training sessions. Variety keeps, clients and their bodies on their toes and closer to reaching their personal fitness goals.

Personal Trainer Problem # 2

Sadly, a lot of Laguna Beach and Dana Point personal trainers are just some guy or girl who needed a job and applied at their local gym or health club. Health clubs often post employment opportunities for sales associates, janitors, and personal fitness trainers, and when an applicant comes in they generally receive whatever position needs to be filled the most-whether they are qualified or not.

What is even scarier is that many times the individual who gets the job as a personal trainer has no training experience, minimal interest in the science behind exercise and fitness training, no ability to motivate clients, and is only working as a personal trainer to pay their bills, not because they are interested in helping people or having a passion for personal training.

Many of these trainers simply go through a weekend course and are handed a certificate in "personal training" and a stopwatch and sent off to motivate and train clients!

Personal Trainer Problem # 3

Due to the increase in corporate gyms and health clubs in Laguna Beach, California which are not focused on their individual clients, but simply numbers, many individuals do not realize that their personal trainer is instructed by management to push clients to train much more than is necessary.

The result of this tactic is the health clubs and gyms make a lot of money immediately, but the client ends up burning through the hard-earned money in their pockets, loathes the workouts, and begins to develop a negative attitude towards the workouts which leads to missing workouts, and often giving up.

The smart thing to do is to add variety to the workouts by doing only a few unique personal training sessions per week, and supplementing with some cardio activites that the client enjoys such as running, swimming, sports, or biking.

The Solution

At Positively Fit Personal Fitness Training we are committed to keeping the art of personal training a results producing, fun, natural, holistic, fat melting, muscle sculpting and life changing experience.

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