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Foothill Ranch Personal Fitness Trainer Asks: "Who Else Wants To Get Into Jaw-Dropping Shape?"

Foothill Ranch Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight Loss Expert and Exercise Professional Has Built a Large Group of Followers in Orange County and Foothill Ranch, CA and Now Has Time Open to Accept a Limited Number of Clients...But Only Those who Meet Certain Requirements...

To Qualify for this Foothill Ranch, California Personal Fitness Training
program you must be able to answer YES to all of the screening questions below:


Is having a fit and toned body something you desire? Yes it is/ No it isn't

Are you willing to do everything it takes to achieve your fitness goals, and never pass blame for setbacks onto your family or friends? Yes I am / No I am not

Are you ready persevere and give your all so your Foothill Ranch, California personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals? Yes I am / No I'm not

Are you prepared to set aside one hour 2-3 times per week to meet with your Foothill Ranch Personal Trainer? Yes I am / No I'm not

Are you willing to spend an additional 2-3 times per week doing your own cardio exercises such as running, swimming, or other forms of exercise? Yes I am / No I'm not

Are you ready to eat mostly healthy foods, and eat proportions that are right for you? Yes I am / No I'm not

Are you able to afford our monthly fee which is approximately $400? Yes I can afford that / No I can't afford that

Are you interested in seeing results? Yes they are/ No they aren't

When your body is transformed are you willing to recommend your Foothill Ranch Personal Fitness Trainer to your friends and family? Yes I will / No I won't

Answering "yes" to all of the above questions is crucial to success in our Foothill Ranch, CA Personal Training Orange County Program. If you answered "no" to any of the above then our Fitness program is not for you. We understand that this may not be for everyone, and there are many local Foothill Ranch Personal Trainers that might be a better fit for your situation.

Since we know other trainers in the industry, if you call us at (800) 310-5062 we'll do everything we can to guide you towards another trainer who may be right for you.

However, if you did answer "yes" to all of the application questions above then feel free to contact us at (800) 310-5062 or go to Foothill Ranch and Orange County, CA Personal Trainer homepage to learn more



Watch this video to see what kinds of results our clients get:


Residents all over Foothill Ranch, California have been burning fat, toning muscle, sculpting their legs and arms, losing inches around their stomachs and hips, gaining more energy, shedding pounds, and becoming amazingly fit through the guidance of their Foothill Ranch Personal Trainer.

If you want to know more about this opportunity simply visit the Foothill and Ladera Ranch Personal Trainer Page Here or give us a call at (800) 310-5062

We will only need 5-10 minutes on the phone to see if you're right for our program, and make sure we're right for you as well. If it does seem like a good fit then we will set up a workout at absolutely no cost to you so you have a chance to see what we're about. If after the first workout you're not satisfied, then we'll put you in contact with another local trainer or health club.

Thanks for your time,
Chris M
Positively Fit Foothill Ranch, California Personal Trainer

P.S. Remember, Positively Fit Foothill Ranch Personal Training will only take people that meet the requirements above. We won't take anybody that strolls in. We're looking for people that are completely motivated to push themselves towards their fitness goals and an amazing body. No loafers whiners, complainers, hagglers or bargain shoppers accepted.

Call Foothill Ranch Personal Trainer at (800) 310-5062 to see if you meet our requirements for Personal Training, or go to:

View our
Personal Trainer Foothill Ranch

page to find out more about us and see over 45 incredible fitness transformations

Or call (800) 310-5062

About Foothill Ranch
Foothill Ranch is one of Orange County’s newest Master-Planned communities.  Home to approximately 15,000 people, the city is growing, and fast!  Located in South Orange County, the city is a balance of residential, business and open space.  The city itself is 2,700 acres, and of that about 1,500 acres are made up of Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park.  Notable company headquarters in Foothill Ranch are Wet Seal, Inc., Saddleback Church, Oakley, Inc., Kaiser Aluminum, and Risa Technologies. 

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Call 800-310-5062 to learn more

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