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Tustin Personal Fitness Trainer Asks "Who Else Wants To Get Into The Best Shape of Their Lives?"

Tustin Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutritional Expert and Fat Loss Specialist Has Built a Loyal Following in Orange County and Tustin and is Currently Accepting Applications For a Few New Clients...But Certain Criteria Must Be Met

First, you must want results like these:

Tustin Personal Fitness Trainer clients:

Client of Orange County Personal Training before Picture
Client of Personal Trainer in Orange County after Picture
What Kimber looked like before meeting her trainer
What kimber looked like afterwards
Personal Training Before Pic of Darshan
Personal training after pic of Darshan
lockwood before
lockwood after
Katie Before working out with her Orange County Personal Trainer
Katie After working out
Before picture of Orange County Personal Training Client Jami
After pic of now fitness enthusiast Jami

Tustin's leading Personal Trainer lost 143 pounds before starting Personal Training business

Orange County Personal Trainer Before and After Picture

If you’d like to learn more about how we changed these clients lives and read over 45 personal fitness training success stories go to our Tustin and Orange County fitness trainer page

Second, you must be able to answer YES to all the following Tustin Personal Trainer application questions:


Is getting into shape important to you? Yes it is/ No it isn’t

Will you take absolute one hundred percent responsibility for your body and your fitness goals and not project responsibility to your friends, family or coworkers or anyone else for that matter? Yes I will / No I won’t

Are 100 percent you willing to give your Tustin Personal Trainer your all at every workout? Yes I am / No I’m not

Are you willing to meet with a personal trainer near Tustin or Irvine 2-3 days per week for about an hour? Yes I am / No I’m not

Are you willing to do an additional 2-3 hours of fat melting cardiovascular exercise per week on your own? Yes I am / No I’m not

Are you willing to eat at least ninety percent healthy foods and eat them in moderation? Yes I am / No I’m not

Can you afford our rates of approximately four hundred dollars per month for personal training? Yes I can afford that / No I can’t afford that

Are results important to you? Yes they are/ No they aren’t

When you get the body you want will you refer your friends and family to Tustin Positively Fit Personal Trainer? Yes I will / No I won’t

If you answered no to any of the above questions Tustin and Santa Ana Personal Trainer is definitely not for you. That’s ok, there are tons of other local Tustin Personal Trainer businesses that would be more what you’re looking for. As a matter of fact, we have relationships with some and if you’ll call us at (800) 310-5062 we’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction.

Now, if you did happen to answer Yes to all the questions then you can contact us at (800) 310-5062 or go to our Personal Training Tustin homepage to learn more

Locals all over Orange County and Tustin have dropped pounds, shed fat, toned up their arms, lost their belly fat, sculpted their legs, trimmed down, lost inches and gotten into seriously lean and mean shape because of Tustin’s leading Personal Trainer.

Watch this video to see what kinds of results our clients get:

If you’d like to learn more just visit this Personal Trainer Tustin California Page or give us a ring at (800) 310-5062

We’ll spend 5-15 minutes on the phone with you seeing if we’re a good fit. If we are we’ll schedule a free workout for you to test drive our service and if we’re not, well then we’ll steer you in the right direction.

Thanks for your time,
Chris M.
Personal Trainer Tustin CA

P.S. Remember, Positively Fit Tustin Personal Trainer won’t take just anybody. You have to meet the above criteria stated in the questionnaire. Only people 100 percent without a doubt dedicated to doing absolutely whatever is necessary to get the body they want. No slackers, whiners, complainers, hagglers or bargain shoppers accepted.


Call Tustin Personal Trainer at (800) 310-5062 to find out if you qualify for personal training, or go to:

Orange County Fitness Trainers

Call (800) 310-5062

About Tustin California
The city of Tustin is located in the heart of Orange County and was named after the city’s father, Columbus Tustin, a carriage maker from Northern California.  Tustin founded the city in the 1870’s and the city was officially annexed in 1926.  Originally built on the land that once was the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, the town is now home to approximately 70,000 people.  Unincorporated parts of northern Tustin include Lemon Heights and Cowan Heights, which are the wealthiest parts of the community.  Notable Tustin-ites include Rex Hudler the official announcer for the Anaheim Angels, Cuba Gooding Jr., Mark Grace (pro baseball player, coined the term “slump-buster”), Shaun Green (pro baseball player) and Matthew Lillard (actor, “Scream”) among others.  Tustin California is one of the homes of Positively Fit Personal Training and healthy eating at Rutabegorz which is located at:

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