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"Who Else Wants To Get Super Lean with a Costa Mesa Personal Trainer?"

Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Expert
and Weight Loss Specialist in Costa Mesa California Has
Built a Legion of People He Has Helped Get Into Amazing Shape


People all over Orange County and Costa Mesa California have shed pounds, toned their muscles, lost their guts and firmed their arms and butts because of one local Costa Mesa Personal Fitness Trainer Service.

But the company won't accept just anybody for a client. Only people committed to doing whatever it takes to get into shape, only people who are willing to give it everything they've got and go the extra mile, only people with a burning desire to change will be accepted.

If you truly want to get into the best shape of your life and can honestly answer "yes" to the following questions then Positively Fit's personal trainers in Costa Mesa may be able to help you:

Here is a sample of the application questions:

Are you willing to meet with a personal trainer in Orange County or Costa Mesa 2-3 days per week for about an hour? Yes/No

Are you willing to do an additional 2 hours of exercise per week on your own? Yes/No

Are you willing to eat 90 percent healthy foods? Yes/No

Can you afford approximately $400 per month for training? Yes/No

Will you take 100 percent responsibility for your personal health and fitness goals and not project responsibility to your friends, family or coworkers? Yes/No

Are you willing to give Costa Mesa Personal Trainer your all? Yes/No

When you get the body you want will you refer your friends and family? Yes/No

If you answered no to any of the above questions Positively Fit Personal Trainer in Costa Mesa is not for you. However if you answered Yes to all the above questions and you truly want to lose fat and tone up your whole body then either give us a call at (800) 310-5062 or visit our Costa Mesa and Newport Beach personal trainer page at the bottom of this page for more info

Watch this video to learn more about what we do:

Top Personal Trainer Costa Mesa Ca

If you'd like to see more tons of before and after pictures and personal fitness training success stories visit our Success Stories page here

We are here to enable people with a burning desire to Shed Fat, Firm Muscles, Look Great and Feel Amazing.

Our Costa mesa and Irvine Personal Training program only takes people who are serious about reaching their goals, who are willing to give us 100 percent, who won't whine, who can afford our rates, who will eat 90 percent healthy, who will show up to the workouts, and who will refer their friends and family after they've attained results.

To see if you qualify for training call your Costa Mesa, Irvine or Huntington Beach Personal Trainer Program:


Visit our

Personal Trainer Costa Mesa

page for more info

Or just call (800) 310-5062 to learn more about

why we're called the best personal trainers Costa Mesa has to offer

About Costa Mesa California
This city is located toward the coast in Orange County, and it’s name comes from the Spanish words “Coastal Tableland”.  Costa Mesa was originally a part of the ranches created by Jose Antonio Yorba, land that was granted to him by the Spanish Empire in 1801.  Now, Costa Mesa houses the world famous South Coast Plaza, one of the largest shopping malls in the world, along with many other attractions, such as the South Coast Repertory, The Orange County Performing Arts Center, The Orange County Fairgrounds, which hold the Annual Orange County Fair in July each year, as well as a weekly swapmeet, and inside the fairgrounds is the Pacific Amphitheater.   Costa Mesa has Orange Coast College, Vanguard University, and Whittier Law School, a satellite campus of Whittier College.  The band “Sublime” mentions Costa Mesa on their “Thanx” tack on the “40 Oz. to Freedom” album.  Costa Mesa is one of the homes of Positively Fit Personal Training and South Coast Plaza which is located at

3333 Bristol Street

Costa Mesa, Ca 92626


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