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Consider These 5 Dirty Little Secrets Orange County Weight Loss Clinics,
Centers and Programs Don't Want You to Know

Orange County, California Weight Loss Special Report

Orange County Weight Loss Clinic Dirty Little Secret # 1 — A lot of the staff members at Orange County and Newport Beach weight loss clinics know very little about weight loss, nutrition, health or fitness. Many just applied for a job and got hired yet have no passion for helping people change their lives. To many, it's just a job.


Orange County Weight Loss Clinic Dirty Little Secret # 2 - Many rely on packaged foods, drugs and vitamin shots. First of all the packaged foods taste horrible and will leave you starving. Second, the drugs can kill you, why do you think so many of these clinics are in lawsuits? Third, vitamin shots will only help fill a vitamin deficiency, they won't do anything magical for you, only make up for what you're missing, which you won't be missing as long as you eat a healthy diet.

Orange County Weight Loss Clinic Dirty Little Secret # 3 — They'll bribe you in with a low cost advertisement, but once you're in they will up-sell to one of their more expensive programs. Sure, for the low monthly rate you can learn about the answer to your problems, but if you want the real meat of the program you'll need to upgrade to the deluxe super expensive package. If you are considering one of these programs please read the small print.

Orange County Weight Loss Clinic Dirty Little Secret # 4 — Many rely on super low calorie diets, shakes and liquid meals which will leave you literally starving. I admit I've had a few friends in Orange County lose some weight using these Orange County, Newport Beach and Irvine Weight Loss clinics and Centers, yet I saw two things happen. First, they were living on super low quantities of food and liquid meals so they were starving all the time which made them absolutely miserable. They were nervous, agitated and HUNGRY. Secondly, because they were so damned hungry all the time they gained all their weight back and more.

Orange County Weight Loss Clinic Dirty Little Secret # 5 — Many of the people who actually got results with these programs lost the weight and kept it off because they combined proper exercise with the program, yet most of these weight loss clinics will do little in the way of showing you how to exercise properly.

You see the key is to actually combine proper nutrition with proper exercise. No one ever succeeds over the long hall with drugs, vitamin shots, liquid diets or super low calorie food programs.

You need a solid and balanced program that you can live with. You need to work your muscles, get your heart rate up and eat a well balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, fiber, water, healthy carbohydrates, good fats and lean proteins.

You see it's all about balance. I used a balanced plan like this and just check out the transformation I made here in 15 short months.

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Weight Loss Orange County CA

I went from an obese 359 pounds to a lean and fit 216 pounds just by exercising and eating properly. It was so simple that anyone can do it. (I said simple, not easy — it did take work).

I didn't rely on pills or powders or shots, and I sure didn't rely on weight loss clinics.

My Orange County Weight Loss Program has a proven track for getting results. We have the videos and before and after stories on our home page to prove it and we have many happy clients that we'd be happy to introduce you to. Find out we're called The Weight Loss Orange County California Solution

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