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"Local Orange County Residents Lose Mounds of Fat, Tone and Firm Their Muscles and get into Incredible Shape with One of a Kind Orange County Exercise Program."

Positively Fit Personal Training's unique Orange County Exercise program has a small army of local followers.

People all over Orange County are getting into amazing shape using this intensive exercise program

Would You Like To?

  • Get into mind-boggling shape
  • Lose Weight
  • Have muscles that are more toned and defined
  • Perform what could be the most productive exercise routines known to man
  • Feel great in clothes you haven't fit into in years
  • Have others ask you what you did to get into such great shape
  • Be able to twice as many push ups as you can do now
  • Be able to do 115 more crunches than you can do now
  • Be able to stick to a nutrition plan that really works
  • See your body change right in front of your eyes
  • Be kept accountable to your workouts
  • Know exactly what foods to eat

Orange County California is home to Positively Fit, the most celebrated and in demand personal training service in Southern California. The exercise routines are cutting edge, fun, and proven to get results.

You will be instructed on exactly how to do the exercises, in what order to do them, and you'll be closely monitored in an Orange County Exercise Facility.

People all over Orange County are losing fat, defining their muscles, trimming their wastes and losing their bellies.

Is Positively Fit's Orange County Exercise Program for you?

That depends...you see our program is not for everyone.

Our Orange County Exercise Program is only for people who are determined to change their life for the better.

  • We'll only work with people who will settle for nothing but the absolute best
  • We'll only work with people who value how they look
  • We'll only work with people who value their health
  • We'll only work with people who are reliable and will show up to the actual workouts
  • And...we'll only work with Orange County residents who after getting into shape are willing to refer their friends and family. That's just a condition of business.

You should also know that our Orange County Health Club and Exercise program is definitely not easy, but it does get unparalleled results. Many people have lost 20, 50 even over 100 pounds.

Exercise Orange County is definitely the way to go to look and feel your best!

If you'd like to learn more just

call us at (800) 310-5062


Or go to this page:

Orange County Exercise

Or check out these many exercise options we offer in Orange County:


  • Personal Trainer Aliso Viejo
    Custom tailored wokout programs focus on building a lean and healthy physique in A.V.
  • Personal Trainer Anaheim
    Home of Micky, Donald, Goofy and Pluto... AND a great place to get the body of your dreams. If Walt can build Disneyland, you sure can build an awesome physique
  • Personal Trainer Brea
    Brea California isn't the first place that comes to mind when most people talk about hot beds of health and fitness, but believe me... there's a lot of people getting into fitness modle shape in Brea
  • Personal Trainer Corona Del Mar
    Corona Del Mar is a place that goes hand in hand with personal training. This place is LOADED with little gyms and fitness studios. Plus, it's where I met my wife, so yes, I LOVE CDM
  • Personal Trainer Costa Mesa
    CM is loaded with gyms small and large. Nestled right next to the 405, 55 and PCH Costa Mesa is a very convenient location for locals to get into shape
  • Personal Trainer Dana Point
    Dana Point is a tiny little South County community where the resident really value health and fitness is high on the list of values
  • Personal Trainer Foothill Ranch
    FH is a new South Orange County community. Filled with Yuppies and lot's of young families, locals definitely make time for health and fitness in their lifestyle
  • Personal Trainer Fountain Valley
    Workouts between the ocean and the freeway that focus on complete and totla transformation.
  • Personal Trainer Garden Grove
    GG hasn't always been popular for health and fitness, but at Positively Fit we're determined to change that, one physique at a time. And were are NOT backing down.
  • Personal Trainer Huntington Beach
    HB has always been popular for boxers, MMA's, bodybuilders and surfers. There are a TON of lean and fit people down in Huntington... and we're proud to be part of that
  • Personal Trainer Irvine
    Irvine is one of the first places I started training and as of 2008 Positively Fit is proud to have six of the OC's best personal fitness trainers located right in Irvine
  • Personal Trainer Ladera Ranch
    The OC's Ladera Ranch is another new Orange County community filled with young families who have really embraced the happy, healthy, lifestyle.
  • Personal Trainer Laguna Beach
    Orange Coutny's Laguna Beach is one of the most health and vanity concious cities in the OC. Lots of great bods, sunshine and great healthy restraunts down in Laguna, just watch out for that summer traffic
  • Personal Trainer Laguna Hills
    South County's Laguna Hills is the city where I first learned to embrace living a healthy lifestyle and all that it encompasses. Including drinking lots of water and eating all the rights kinds of foods ( I even used to eat raw eggs back in the day... agghhhhh!!!)
  • Personal Trainer Laguna Niguel
    Fitness Training workouts just a few short miles from the beautiful Southern Cali shore line. Lots of good health clubs and gyms down that way.
  • Personal Trainer Lake Forest
    Lake Forest was long time home of a great Worlds Gym, packed with lots of powerlifters and even a handful of pro builders.
  • Personal Trainer Long Beach
    Long Beach walks the line between LA and The OC... and there are some great places to workout there. Including many prorgams on or near the water.
  • Personal Trainer Mission Viejo
    Mission Viejo has lots of great indoor and outdoor exercise options for it's locals. Plus it's easily accessable from the 5 Frwy.
  • Personal Trainer Newport Beach
    Newport Beach is loaded with high end exercise and fitness programs. Workout in the gym, on the beach, at a park or in the ocean. You decide.
  • Personal Trainer Placentia
    Get your killer body in Placentia with a custom workouts that will focus on massive bodily improvement from heasd to toe.
  • Personal Trainer Rancho Santa Margarita
    RSM has grown big time this last decade or two and has many hiking and "out in the sun" workout type programs. lots of gyms as welkl.
  • Personal Trainer San Clemente
    get in shape between the Ocean, The OC and beautiful San Diego County
  • Personal Trainer San Juan Capistrano
    Workouts are gaining popularity in San Juan Capistrano. Right off the Ortega highway and home of the mission
  • Personal Trainer Santa Ana
    SA has lots of places for locals looking to live a cleaner and better lifestyle.
  • Personal Trainer Seal Beach
    Shed your shirt proudly on the beach. You'll be turning heads Guaranteed after working with this personal trainer in Seal Beachtt
  • Personal Trainer Tustin
    Get Lean and mean in Tustin California-- Many Personalized Fitness trainings line the streets, most just a few minutes from the 55 or 5 freeway
  • Personal Trainer Villa Park
    SoCal's Villa Park is a beautiful little communuty filled with many health concious Southern Californians
  • Personal Trainer Westminster
    Westminster has it's fair share of exercise programs that will whip your buttizmo into shape in no time
  • Personal Trainer Yorba Linda
    Yorba Linda is one of my favorite OC areas filled with lots of great old neighborhoods, health clubs and nice little eateries.