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How to Avoid Common Fitness Mistakes... by a Los Alamitos Personal Trainer

There's no denying that getting fit can sometimes be a complicated venture. There are so my exercise, dietary, and lifestyle adjustment that one needs to make, it can be easy to make mistakes. In my career as a Los Alamitos and Long Beach Personal Trainer, I have seen my share of people who stunted their progress my making the wrong choices. In many cases, it causes people to abandon their fitness plan altogether, thinking that a toned, lean body is somehow out of their reach.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that frustrating. Through a little education, it can be really easy to avoid the mistakes newbies make and start on the right track towards fitness. Here are the most common mistakes I have seen people make at my Los Alamitos Personal Trainer Business, and the best ways to avoid them.


Comparing Yourself to Others – When it comes to fitness, it really a pays to work to the beat of you own drum. There are bound to be people who progress faster than you through their fitness plan, either because they are applying diet and exercise techniques that you aren't, or they are simply genetically blessed. Everyone's body and fitness plan is different in some way, which means everyone is going to get fit in a different way and at a different rate. Don't really pay too much attention to how much progress you are making, just do what you can to make sure you are always progressing. If you have enough patience and work hard enough, you can reach almost any fitness level you set your mind on.

Eating Too Little – It's possible to go a little too gung-ho on your diet, slashing calories to a dangerous level. For most people, eating too many calories, under 1200 or so for the average person, causes your body to start eating away at your muscle and actually start working to store fat, which may have you wind up with an undesired “pear-shaped appearance.” You should eat moderate amounts do cardio regularly to develop a calorie deficit. If your calorie deficit equals over 3500 calories a week, you will lose at least a pound of fat per week.

Not Weight Training – It seems that whenever people decide that they are going to start to get into shape, they lace up their Nikes and start running every day, not even considering the many benefits of weight training. Building larger, firm muscles will increase your metabolism and insulin sensitivity, thus making it a lot easier to lose fat. In addition, a good resistance-training program can strengthen your joints and bones, which can weaken as we age.

Women in particular have an aversion to weight training because they fear it will make them “bulky.” But really, this is physiologically next to impossible. Women simply don't have the appropriate hormone balance to get large and bulky muscles. All weight training will do for women is give their body a toned, firm appearance.

Thinking Supplements Can Do the Trick – Exercisers are regularly bombarded with ads for supplements that claim to shed fat and build muscle. The fact of the matter is that 99.9% of these supplements are total garbage, and the only think they “shed” is money from your bank account. Some supplements might be able to give you that extra nutritional boost you need to build muscle faster, but only if you already have a really solid diet and exercise plan in place. Fitness science has yet to develop anything that can help people get slim and trim faster than eating right and working out regularly.

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