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“Personal Trainer in Long Beach Helps Local Residents Burn Fat Fast ”

Are you a Long Beach local looking to get into the best shape of your life?  Positively Fit’s personal training program has helped people achieve incredible fitness transformations…


Dear friend,

I’m Chris McCombs, owner of Positively Fit’s personal trainer program in Long Beach, CA.  I know exactly how it feels to be overweight and watching people head down to the beach or other fun places looking way better than I do.  It sucks.  I was so fed up with being fat, I mean, I hated to even catch a look at my profile in the mirror, it was horrible. 

I finally got the guts to head into the gym, and through a long process of trial and error, study and research, and hard work, I was able to drop 143 pounds of fat!  My friends and family were shocked to see me, and the confidence boost was amazing as I was able to fit into clothes I hadn’t worn in years.  Walking into a room knowing that you look smoking hot is such a good feeling. 
While my story may be pretty cool, I was surprised to see that other people working out with various Long Beach Personal Trainers were slaving away in local without noticeable improvement.  After working at several of these facilities and seeing the problems, I decided to start my own personal trainer program, Positively Fit. 

Our team of personal trainer’s make it clear that their goal is to get you into mind-boggling shape, not stand around checking themselves out in the mirror, or wandering off somewhere while you’re stuck on a piece of equipment in the corner.  Our personal trainers in program in Long Beach involves 2-3 intense and exhilarating training sessions per week, and we suggest that you supplement those sessions with your personal trainer with 2-3 hours of vigorous activity on other days of the week.  These other activities should be things that you enjoy such as running, hiking, surfing, swimming, or sports. 

Getting fit should not be a boring chore, but something exciting and enjoyable as you see your hard work turn into physical progress.

Through a combo of training, and nutritional guidance, we’ve enabled people all over Long Beach and Orange County to drop pounds, sculpt muscles, and firm up their whole bodies for a new and incredibly attractive body.

Our Long Beach personal trainers take your goals VERY seriously.



If you feel that you are highly motivated to work hard to improve your life through fitness, can give the time described above, and are willing to incorporate positive changes into your nutrition, then give us a call at (888) 215-1403 to speak with a personal trainer in Long Beach, California

We currently have 2 Long Beach locations:

However, our location changes randomly so call 888-215-1403 before you come!

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About Long Beach, CA
Long Beach, California is the fifth largest city in California, located in Los Angeles County, just north-west of Orange County.  Like much of the surrounding area, Long Beach was originally made up of a good deal of marsh and wetlands, but after being settled by ranchers and particularly following a severe drought in the 1800s, the land gradually became habitable on a more widespread basis.  Long Beach’s economy today is made up primarily of large corporate interests, with some spill-over from the film industry and aerospace technology.  The Port of Long Beach is an extremely busy shipping port, serving as the main link between the United States and the Pacific Rim.  Combined, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach are the busiest in all of the United States.  Long Beach is connected to Orange County at its south-east edge, and several large freeways passing through the city are the primary arteries that connect Los Angeles and Orange County.

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