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Dear Los Angeles Resident,

I wasn’t always an LA Personal Trainer. In fact I once held the shame of being perversely out of weight.  I was so out of weight that I constantly suffered from crippling pain.

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That’s me when I weighed thee hundred and fifty nine pounds.

It all came to a head one fateful day in 2001 when I walked out of a Rubio’s Mexican Restaurant.  I happened to get a glimpse of my reflection, and what did I see staring back at me?  A three hundred fifty nine pound man who looked like he didn’t care what he ate and didn’t care what he did to his own body.
I went home sat on my bed and decided that once and for all, I was going shed all of this weight and get into fantastic shape.

So I did what anyone would do when they would decide to lose weight: I joined a gym.  I did the exercises and the routines (even the ones I thought felt kind of silly), thinking if I stuck with it long enough, I would be rid of all that fat that stuck to my frame forever.

But after along time of doing everything I thought I was supposed to do, I weighed in, and I took a look at the mirror, and I was flabbergasted at how little progress I had made.

I figured that there had to be something I just wasn’t getting.  I became determined to learn what I was doing wrong, so I bought every book and magazine on health and fitness that I could get my hands on, studying intently for hours every day to unlock the truth about fitness.

What I discovered was absolutely astonishing to me.

Not only was I eating wrong and doing exercises the wrong way, I was actually eating and exercising in a way that might have done serious and irreversible harm to my own body.

And I wasn’t the only one who

So I took everything I learned and started to actually eat and workout the right way.  And just as I suspected.

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Chris before and after his weight loss transformation

I lose so much weight and built up so muscle so fast that people didn’t even recognize me.  What’s even better is that I had more energy that I had ever thought possible.

People started asking me how I did it, and I gladly gave them a few of the most effective tips that I learned.  I usually didn’t think much of it, until a few months later when I saw them covered in muscle and with body fat percentages in the single digits.

More and more people came asking for my personal training advice, and each time I helped a person achieve their fitness goals, I found that I felt fantastic.

So I decided this was exactly what I wanted to do with my life: be a Los Angeles fitness trainer for people who were sick of wasting money on ineffective health clubs and just wanted to lose the weight and look and feel fantastic.

I got my certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and used everything that I learned to start Positively Fit Training serving Orange County and Los Angeles California.

The demand for my Los Angeles Personal Trainer services grew so large, that I had to start hiring other trainers.  I made sure that every trainer who worked for positively fit only taught the true ways to get fit and also offered plenty of motivation.  I would only settle for the best of the best to be on my team.

My program is based on simple, proven principles and a lot of variety, helping ensure that every client loses weight fast and never gets bored of some stale old routine.

At our program you will get –

Incredible Personal Training Sessions – This is the most intense and fun workout you can experience in Los Angeles.  Your LA personal trainer supervised workout will make you simultaneously feel more exhausted and more exhilarated that you have probably felt in a long time.

No Nonsense Nutritional Advice- Eighty percent of everything you have ever been told about the right way to diet is probably nonsense.  We help you identify what to eat, what to avoid, and how to eat.  It’s not about feeling hungry. It’s about feeling good.

After you experience just how good a fitness training service can be, you start notice tons of benefits right away

You’ll Lose Weight - Not only that, you’ll lose weight in all the right places.  Whether you need help losing those stubborn last ten pounds or you have fifty pounds or more to lose, we have a program that can help you.

You’ll Totally Tone Up – A firm stomach, toned arms, and taut muscles everywhere.

You ‘ll Have More Energy -  I’m talking about incredible, focused energy that will make you more productive at work and give you more energy to do fun stuff at home.

In Los Angeles we serve Personal Training to West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Westwood, Miracle Mile and Century City ONLY

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IF you want to experience this, give us a call our Los Angeles Personal Trainer Hotline at 800-517-2877 and ask about how you can try a workout from us totally risk free.

We also have personal training in Orange County for those who are a little more to the south

Call our Los Angeles Personal Trainer Hotline at

Call our Los Angeles Personal Trainer Hotline at