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Happy with Irvine Personal Fitness Trainer resultsI've lost 30 pounds in
less than 3 months...

"Because of you I've lost 30 pounds in less than 3 months. You are a kickass trainer! - I couldn't have done it without you and your totally positive/contagious attitude! Thank you for everything that you've done, I really appreciate it!!!"

Allison Hastings
Personal Trainer Tustin

I enthusiastically recommend my SoCal Workout trainer to anyone who dreams of a better body...

Client turned personal friend Karine "Since I've started training with my SoCal Workout trainer I've burned more body fat and have increased energy level, strength and muscle definition, much more then I could have ever done on my own. He's not only a great motivator, but a teacher as can be seen in the loyal following he has developed. He knows the body and how to get results. His mind works like a rolodex of personally tailored programs, I've never had the same workout twice. My SoCal Workout trainer is the most involved trainer there is, he knows every rep, muscle drill and cell movement you've done and knows exactly how you will train the next time. My SoCal Workout trainer is always ready to give you the information and encouragement you need to achieve your goals. I enthusiastically recommend my SoCal Workout trainer to anyone who dreams of a better body. He's not just my trainer, he's become a great friend."

Karine "Q"
Personal Trainer Costa Mesa

I now get what every women works out for - butt compliments...

Dawn swears by Irvine Fitness training "Hello Ladies, I am a 46 year young woman whose body was going through the normal changes God has in store for us, however I am determined to fight it. My butt was drooping, my arms were growing wings, my thighs were a jiggling, and what used to be really flat abs were now becoming too poochie. Then I found SoCal Workout, now I have more strength, flexibility, and most of all I now get what every woman works out for - butt compliments! And as they would say "Just look at me now" ... Need I say more?"

Dawn Swanson
Personal Trainer Corona Del Mar

I lost 9 pounds of fat and put on 12 pounds of muscle...

Dylan, the fitness computer guy "SoCal Workout has an intense training style which is unlike all the corporate gyms. They will not baby sit you; they'll work you hard and get you results.

Do your fitness goals seem impossible or out of reach? SoCal Workout will keep you on a path that can make your goals a reality. I trained with them early in the morning before work for almost a year. The positive vibe and extra energy I got those mornings helped me start my day right and because of the workouts I lost 9 pounds of fat and put on 12 pounds of muscle and I've seen success in practically every area of my life. It's SURREAL how much your life can change if you have the right motivation. Thanks SoCal Workout!!!"

Dylan Wade
Personal Trainer Orange County

I am now lean and toned and have the body I always wanted...

South Orange County resident Amy loves fitness "I've been training with SoCal Workout for about 4 months now and have never felt better in my life. They have really pushed me towards meeting my goals, especially in areas I've always struggled with. I am now lean and toned and have the body I always wanted. I would encourage anyone who is considering getting a personal fitness trainer to give SoCal Workout a call. You will definitely get more than your moneys worth and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!"

Amie Spangler
Personal Trainer Mission Viejo

I have lost 2 dress sizes...

Kate, speaking praise for her personal trainer "I have been working out with SoCal Workout for almost a year now and I have never felt better than I do now. Even after taking two months off as I was out of town - I am still more toned and physically stronger than I have ever been in my life - both of which translate into a leaner trimmer body! I have lost 2 dress sizes, my weight has dropped, and I feel better about my physical being than I ever have before I started working with SoCal Workout. Sure, I have had personal fitness trainers before - but none like SoCal Workout! They are always encouraging, always pushing me to give more, and never EVER letting me slack!"

Kate Doyle
Personal Trainer Huntington Beach

I could never imagine not training with SoCal Workout every week...

drew "I was going to a large corporate gym chain on my own and was getting zero results. I never even considered working out with a personal fitness trainer. After being forced by a friend into trying a couple sessions with SoCal Workout, I was hooked. They have an incredible knowledge of what each particular client really needs to accomplish their goals. Their extremely positive attitudes make every work out a fun experience. The improvements I have seen in my overall posture & physique in the 14 months can't be measured. I could never imagine not training with SoCal Workout every week."

Drew Hibbert
Personal Trainer Newport Beach

I have lost 10 pounds and can literally see my body transforming...

Lauren, owner of Orange County photography studio "When I first started working out with SoCal Workout I was extremely out of shape and had no motivation to work out. I have lost 10 pounds and can literally see my body transforming - Not only is my stomach smaller and my butt more toned but my posture has improved as well. The trainers are really amazing motivators. I can't imagine working out with out their positive attitude; I actually look forward to my workouts. They really take the time to make sure you are comfortable with the workouts while pushing you further than you would ever push yourself. I also have reoccurring back pain and they take extra time to stretch me and adjust our workout to strengthen the area that is in pain. This says to me they truly care about the clients and want the best for them. I highly recommend starting or ending your day with a positive workout from SoCal Workout Personal Training!"

Lauren Hillary
Personal Trainer Laguna Beach

I've lost 23 pounds of fat...

Irvine resident Rachel swears by Orange County Fitness Trainer "THANK YOU SO MUCH for EVERYTHING you've done for me. You have had an incredible impact on my life in so many different ways. I've 23 pounds of fat, lost inches, toned up, become stronger, can hit the softball further and have a much better outlook on life. After being an employee at a large well known health club and observing the fitness trainers there, I swore never to waste my money on that. But you've restored my faith in personal trainers! Thanks again!"

Rachel Beizer
Personal Trainer Aliso Viejo

I've toned up my arms, stomach and legs...

Jane, crazy Irvine Fitness Training client Since I started at SoCal Workout (with personal trainer Josh), I've toned up my arms, stomach and legs I've and lost weight. I only go once a week, but I'm still getting results! They are very energetic, motivational, and the workouts make you feel the BURN. They're all really awesome, pushing you to the limit. You'll be doing things you never thought you could do, and that's the best reward. You surprise yourself!

Jane Lo
Personal Trainer Lake Forest

I'm down 2 pant sizes already...

Marjorie, love her Orange County Fitness Trainer "I started training with SoCal Workout just over a month ago and I'm already seeing great results. I'm down 2 pant sizes already and feel great about myself. They push you in a good way and make the workouts fun. I highly recommend SoCal Workout Personal Training to anyone."

Marjorie Guzman

Personal Trainer Garden Grove

There is no better feeling than having others notice the amazing results...

Fitness Enthusiast Christa struts her stuff "I want to thank my SoCal Workout trainer for changing my body in more ways than one. I have not only lost inches and become physically fit, but I have toned up my arms, legs and especially my butt (and you know how hard you have pushed me to get these amazing results). The positive attitude and extremely exciting workouts I've experienced with SoCal Workout have impacted me incredibly!! I never thought I would enjoy pain so much, but that's the price we pay for vanity right? :) You have helped me maintain my focus, motivation, energy and endurance. There is no better feeling than having others notice the amazing results and transformation in your own body. It has been very rewarding mentally, emotionally and best of all physically! Lastly, I want to thank you for being so accommodating & flexible with my hectic schedule. You have given me the courage to never give up & you always push me to my fullest, you're the best!"

Crista Lamantia

Personal Trainer Seal Beach

Julie, at orange county airportSo many compliments...

"Wow, so many compliments about the shape I'm in and the fat I shaved off, thanks!!!

"I'm starting to get definition in my stomach too, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your workouts are fabulous!!!"


Placentia Personal Trainer

Toned up areas that seemed impossible in the past...

A fitness testimonial from Candice "I have been training with my SoCal Workout trainer for the past three months. I have spent many years at larger gyms working my butt off and getting little results. It wasn't until I met my SoCal Workout trainer that I made noticeable results in my body. I have lost body fat, toned up areas that seemed impossible in the past to tone, and I have more upper body strength than I have ever had in my life. My SoCal Workout trainer is a great motivator and very knowledgeable about what works when it comes to getting in shape. In the past, there were many days when I dreaded going to the gym and jumping on the treadmill. But with my SoCal Workout trainer, I look forward to a good workout. His workouts are a great combination of motivation, friendship, laughter and at the same time a challenge while using in a variety of different exercises. His full body workouts are never boring or repetitive. He puts a sincere interest into all his clients' lives but at the same time makes sure you are giving your workout 100%. After each workout I leave feeling so great. Can't wait to see what results I will get in the next three months! Thank you for sharing your love for fitness and continuing to inspire me!"

Candice Lightner
Personal Trainer Laguna Hills

My entire body has tightened up...

Tina loves her results from her Orange County Fitness training "I have been training with SoCal Workout since August of 2006 and it has been an awesome experience!

"When I first started the workouts I wondered how this would be different from all the fitness trainers I've had in the past and how far the workouts would take me. About 4 months later, my questions are answered. SoCal Workout has taken training to another level for me. Within the time spent with SoCal Workout I've trimmed down my waist and hips, which is incredible because it seemed like those areas were in a plateau for awhile. It's amazing how my entire body has tightened up! In my previous experience with personal trainers I never thought my physique could make it this far, but it has and SoCal Workout has help me achieve it. I am truly impressed with what I've gained from the training, it makes me excited to see my trainer and I really look forward to the workouts."

Tina Theantanaoo

Personal Trainer Long Beach


“Everyone that knows me makes very flattering comments... ”

denham" I had a membership at corporate gym, but like the majority of their customers I was just a card carrier and never actually went to the gym. My son is my #1 priority in life, and I made the decision that by the time I turned 40 I was going to be in shape and ready to handle all the physical activity my son could throw my way. After talking openly about my goals at work, two friends spoke very highly about their personal fitness trainer and recommended I contact him.

Over the last year, my SoCal Workout trainer has become a friend, mentor, dietician, and Jedi Master to me. Working out with him has been something I looked forward to doing, knowing that the hour would be physically tough but always lots of fun, and often spiritually uplifting. My SoCal Workout trainer has a personality and attitude that make him easy to work with, even when I was having a rough day or just wasn't into the workout. He is an expert at motivating and inspiring me to succeed in my goals, in the gym as well as in my life. I truly believe that he is the type of person who sincerely wants people to achieve happiness and fulfillment, and goes out of his way to make sure he is giving them everything they need towards that end.

Last July I made a huge decision to leave the management role I've held for the last 8 years and pursue a sales position with the same company. It is a direct result of my involvement with my personal trainer that I was able to finally take the first step which put me in the new job that I have now. And yes, I'm now kicking ass and super successful!

I am now 40 years old, but people tell me I look 35. I feel great. I look 100% better than I did last year. I can see the difference in the mirror and everyone that knows me makes very flattering comments. I'm stronger, more flexible, and have greater endurance than I've ever had in my entire life. "

Steve Denham
Sales and IT Guy

Personal Trainer Westminster


“I have seen major changes in my physique and couldn't be happier... ”

Jeremy, owner of Irvine Martial Arts Training studio

" SoCal Workout Personal Training always give you 100% and bring no BS to the training which I can relate to since that's the same attitude I have when train my martial arts students. I have seen major changes in my physique and couldn't be happier."

Jeremy Wang
Head Instructor/Owner of Irvine Kung Fu

Personal Trainer Yorba Linda