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Dear Friend,

Being a Century City Personal Trainer is one of my true passions in life. But it wasn’t that long ago when I was so overweight, I was happy simply to make it through the day without suffering debilitating pain.

Check me out when I weighed over three hundred pounds.

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I probably would have stayed that way too, probably even until this very day, were I not fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of what my reflection looked like when I happened to walking out of a Rubio’s Mexican Restaurant.

I was aghast at what I saw.  I didn’t realize my weight had gotten so out of control.

After I went home, I was shook pretty badly.  I knew I couldn’t keep living like I was.  Something had to change.   I decided right there are then that I would join a health club and get into fantastic shape.

Everything thought I was joking when I told them I was going to drop the fat, but I know I could do it.

I picked up some nutritional and exercise advice form a magazine and went to work.  I though that maybe if I followed the advice to the letter, I would be able to get down to a healthy weight in a matter of months.

But even after putting in a lot of hard work, I was still almost exactly where I started.

I refused to let these frustrations phase me, and I began checking out every book that the library had on health and fitness.  I spent every second I could spare learning about the truth behind weight loss.

I was totally floored by what I learned.

I was given bad information on how I should eat and exercise the first time I tried to lose weight.  Not only that, but those magazines steered me in the wrong direction, because they actually stood to profit by pushing their ineffective supplements on me.

When I was finally confident that I separated the bull from the truth, I went at it again, this time with new exercise routines and a new diet. This time proved to be vastly more effective.

Check out what happened when I lost one hundred forty three pounds.

Orange County Personal Trainer Before and After Picture

Chris before and after his weight loss transformation

Not only did I look better, but I FELT better to. It was phenomenal to not have to deal with the pain of being overweight any more.

Now, that might have been the end of it.  But after my friends started seeing what happened to me, they started asking about what I ate, what techniques I used, and how I made that incredible transformation.

After a couple months of trying them on their own, they had fantastic success stories of their own.  Many said they lost weight they had been trying to get rid of for years.

It just felt fantastic to help these people achieve their weight loss goals.  So I decided I would become a personal trainer and dedicate myself fully to helping people separate fact form fiction in the world of fitness.

After earning my personal training certificate, I started Positively Fit.  After a while or running the business, my services became so sought after I was forced to hire more Century City personal trainers. I made certain however, that only the best of the best became members of my team.

Positively fit offers a fitness experience different form any health club that you may have joined.  Our Century City and Los Angeles Personal Trainers will:

Help You Learn the Ins And Outs of Nutrition – There is a massive multi-million dollar industry that stands to continue making their massive profits from keeping you misinformed about the truth behind fitness nutrition.  We can give you the real deal on what you should eat to gain muscle and help burn fat.

Guide Through Pulse Pounding Exercises - We don’t want a second of the time that our clients spend exercising to go to waste.  That’s why we teach you the ins and outs of every exercise that you do.  This includes not just a schedule of what exercises to do, but also careful instruction on the absolute best way to perform each exercise.

You will feel the results form this approach almost immediately.

The Fat Will Melt Off Your Body - No one should have to struggle with losing weight.  Our system has proven totally effective in getting people down to their ideal size.

You Will Build Muscle that Will Make You Look Sexy and Toned-  Our resistance training program build the long, lean muscles that you can typically find on cover models.

IF you think that you are ready to experience this, please give us a call at our Century City Personal Training Hotline at 800-517-2877.   If you still need convincing, ask about how you can experience a workout for free.  Give us a try, if our signature brand of guided exercise isn’t your style, you don’t have to pay a dime, guaranteed.

(By the way, we also offer personal training in Hollywood and Miracle Mile in case you want training in any of those areas)

Give us a call at our Century City Personal
Training Hotline at 800-517-2877

Give us a call at our Century City Personal
Training Hotline at 800-517-2877

If you live in The OC, we also offer personal training in Orange County