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How Did A 200 Lb Single Mother Of 2 (With A Full Time Job) Lose Weight So Fast And Get In The Kind Of Shape To Wear A Two Piece Bikini On The Beach And Be Proud Of Her Body?

Andre Thomas
Location: Boston, MA

Dear Friend,

My name is Andre Thomas and I personally know what it feels like to be overweight and out of control!  When I was a kid, my nickname was “Fat Boy”. I had gotten so use to the name, that it didn’t even hurt my feelings. It was, who I was!

As a teenager I had ballooned to 230 pounds and used food to determine my happiness. I never played sports as a kid, never learned how to swim (still can’t swim) and hated walking anywhere.  I was one of the most inactive kids you would ever meet and I looked like it!

As a young adult, I finally realized that I had to take control of how I felt and how I looked and I was determined to find the easiest way to lose weight!  These few years were even worse!  I tried every diet, cleanse, detox and pill I could find and I would make some change here and there but always ended up back with the weight on or more. I even tried joining a gym and running on the treadmill for  hours at a time and still, not much change

What was I doing wrong?  Why is this so difficult? Will I ever look like “that”?

I could not answer those questions but I was determined to find the answers. 

The next few years, I read every book and magazine about weight loss, I could get my hands on! Comparing philosophies, testing strategies and confirming truths and fallacies about the subject. I grew to love the subject and was slowly but surely developing my own fat burning program to test out on myself

Guess what?  It worked!

I created the body that I had always admired but never thought I could have and the best part about it was that it happened so fast.  As soon as I applied this program I had created, the fat literally started melting off and the hard body I worked hard for appeared!

I felt like a billion bucks! My confidence went through the roof (my ex-girlfriend would say, through the sky), I found tons of energy and realized there was an athlete down deep. I beginning riding my bike everywhere, boxing, flag football, etc.  My life was totally different after getting rid of “Fat Boy”

My friends and family couldn’t believe it! They thought it was drugs, the way I had lost the weight so fast!

What was even crazier was now I was the guy that people began asking for advice on how to lose weight and build muscle fast. Me, “Fat Boy”! I still can’t believe it sometimes.  At that moment I realized the knowledge and experience I gained would allow me to help hundreds of others. So, I decided to become a certified personal trainer!

Its funny, cause I would go to the gym and watch personal trainers and say to myself, I would never hire a trainer. I would watch them either spend most of their time chatting with their clients, checking themselves out in the mirror or doing some crazy exercise that their client really couldn’t do. 

I even had friends, I would ask how their workout was and they would respond nenthusiastically “Boring, we keep doing the same things” (This makes the workouts highly INEFFECTIVE because your body adapts quickly to any routine you give it and will soon stop making progress).

At first I got a job training at a well known corporate boston health club, but quickly became frustrated when I found out the management didn't care one tiny bit if the trainers actually got people into shape or not. All they cared about were the numbers... they just wanted the trainers to upsell the gym members on everything they could... including the crappy supplements I knew were a complete waste of money... I butted heads with management a number of times over this issue.

I knew if I was going help people get into incredible shape I'd have to take the bull by the horns and break away from the industry standards.... So I went off on my own, became certified through The International Sports and Science Academy and started Fearless F.I.T.T. Body Transformation

Because my clients were making such drastic changes, so quickly the demand for my services grew to a point where I had to create a waiting list.  This was a great problem to have but a problem nonetheless.  I had people who really needed and wanted my help but there were just not enough hours in the day! So here’s what I did...

I systemized my training into the "Fearless F.I.T.T. Formula or 3xF" and hired a group of top-notch trainers, who were already all about getting their clients RESULTS.  I personally taught them 3xF and soon they became FEARLESS F.I.T.T., BODY TRANSFORMATION SPECIALIST (a title we take VERY serious).

Here's why this program works so well...

Because I've personally been out of shape and out of control. 3xF takes a completely different means than the "can't relate" boston personal trainers who've ALWAYS been in good shape and who think that what works for them must work for everyone.

Here's what you get  with our Body Transformation Program:

You will..

"Working Out Is Now A Habit"

Working out is now a habit! I even workout on weekends and enjoy it! I was in such a rut and and I felt like crap. With the help of Andre’s Fearless Fitt Formula, I was able to take off more than 30lbs! I just finished a half marathon and im loving my new body. I suggestion is to stop thinking about it and just do it!  It was worth ever penny!

Holly Plumley

"I Smile When I See Myself In The Mirrow Now"

I’ve always been a chubby girl and my butt and thighs were the worst. I had no idea when I started working at Fearless F.I.T.T.  that I could lose so much weight and gain so much of my life back. In a matter of a couple days I started to feel my body changing. I have lost so far 47 lbs in just over 4 months. I never could have imagined that this formula would work as good as it has. I still hop out of the shower and smile when I see myself in the mirror. I have to say, WOW I do look good. Do what I did, try it out and I bet,  just like me, you'll be blown away by the results.' Thanks to Andre’s Fearless F.I.T.T. Formula and her personal trainers in Bost, now I have a body I can be proud of and it’s only getting better

Stephanie Acevedo

"I Lost More Than 100 Pounds!"

I have lost more than 100 pounds training at Fearless F.I.T.T. and boy am I looking forward to the last 20! I get excited for every workout and I know that sounds weird but the excitement comes from knowing that intense experience is getting me closer to my goal. I'm almost there and I know that as long as I stay committed, I will keep getting pushed to meet my potential.  Fearless Baby!!!!!!

Tad McKitterick


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"I Weigh The Same Now As I Did As A High School Freshman"

I had my daughter more than two years ago and let my hectic lifestyle become my excuse for not working out.  Work and parenting had gotten me so stressed, my escape would be food.  Getting up and not eating breakfast, eating huge lunches and dinners.  Snacking on Reese’s Cups and oatmeal cookies, became my normal regimen.  Getting more and more unhappy every time, I looked in the mirror and being amazed that my post baby weight had ballooned to over 200 pounds.  Enough is enough!  I called the folks at Fearless F.I.T.T. and started my journey to my new me!  And while is wasn't easy and the workouts kicked my butt, I wouldn't change the process one bit.  Cause now, I not only now how to get the weight off but I can keep it off.  I now weigh the same amount I weighed as a high school freshman and now I choose a pear over the Reese Cup....Thanks Dre! That Formula is no joke!

Tarsha Nulan

"I Changed My Lifestyle So That I Can Comfortably Maintain My New Size!"

If someone would have told me, “You are going to meet a trainer that will motivate you, inspire you, and encourage you to work out daily and change your diet…” I would have said, “You must be thinking of someone else.” Well, that is exactly what my specialist has done for me. I have always been a person that loved the ‘idea’ of exercising, but needed the motivation and the boost to get started. After having my third child, I noticed it was not as easy to shed the baby fat as it was for the previous pregnancies. I tried everything from eating less, aerobics classes to even taking some diet pills. It was frustrating to see that nothing had worked; I was still 20 pounds heavier than I had ever been.

Just when I was about to throw in the towel, accept my newfound size, and toss those pre-pregnancy clothes – I called Fearless F.I.T.T., personal trainers in Boston, and I can proudly say that I went from a size 9 to a size 6, toned muscles I didn’t realize I had, and regained my confidence. More importantly, I changed my lifestyle so that I can comfortably maintain my new size!

Shani Brown

"Reduced My Body Fat From 38% to 12%"

When I first met my Body Transformation Specialist last year, I was out of shape and my energy level was at an all time low. Basically, I thought I would learn the basics about a good workout routine, as well as gather some facts about my nutritional habits. Well, I got that and more.

After an intense 6 months, my trainer helped me gain reduced my body fat from 37.7% to 11.7%, while improving my strength level and decreasing my blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Steve Price


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"People Are Telling Me, I'm Hot"

When I first met my specialist, I was very intimidated. He seemed like a big ole meany! I was pleasantly surprised that the saying is true, you can’t judge a book by its cover. He is a real teddy bear! When I started with him, I was physically quite weak, had no endurance to speak of and was rapidly becoming a butterball.

In addition to losing 28 pounds and 6-3/4 inches from my waist and 5 inches from my hips, I have even lost 18% body-fat! My bad cholesterol has gone down, too. The weight loss has been great, and people are telling me I’m looking hot. The best thing for me, personally, is that I’m getting very strong!

Linda Rivera

"I Look Forward To Every Workout"

Over many months, I grew frustrated and resigned to the reflection in the mirror. Then, a friend told me about Fearless F.I.T.T and I read every detail on the website…and took the plunge. I knew what I most needed was a scientific approach and outside motivation to help me change my physicality, for doing it on my own had not worked.

The first workouts were incredibly difficult because I was out of shape (many times I dreaded going), but my specialist was patient. He encouraged me through each and every set, and at the same time challenged me to find the strength and determination to push myself. At the beginning we boxed (an amazing and fun activity) and lifted weights. Now, we do a combination of weight and aerobic training.

Getting to the boston personal training gym became easier as I grew stronger; and the combination of my specialist humor, no-nonsense attitude, and deep knowledge of fitness has inspired me to apply consistent dedication to my physical health and training — meaning: I love my new healthy diet, I train myself on my non-fearless days, and I look forward to working out and continuing the journey toward better and better health.

Melanee Alexander


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"In One Month My Body Fat Went Down 5%"

“After limited results working out on my own, I was determined to stick to someone and stick to a plan. One month after training with Andre, my body fat wet down almost 5%. I have now gone from a size 8 to a 4.”

Jelena Pena

"I Have Never Looked And Felt This Good"

I’m amazed at how fast my body changed with the help of a boston personal trainer! I was having so much fun in my sessions; I would be surprised (and disappointed) when they were over.  Thanks for getting me ready for my photo shoot, I must say I have never looked and felt this good.

Liz Almeida

Now you have some decisions to make!

1. You can leave this website and stay on the current path your on, getting the same outcomes. You can stay a victim of the “tomorrow” trap, where you stay in the same shape your in.


2. You can call us today at 888-669-FITT and get in the best shape of your life and live it the way you deserve... a life where you look as as good as you feel... where you able to perform like you were 10 to 20 years younger... where you have people stop in there tracks because of how good you look.

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I could be wrong but I’m confident you will make the right decision.

Andre Thomas
Owner and President
Fearless F.I.T.T. Inc.
Personal Trainer In Boston, MA

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