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Orange County Bodybuilding Program

Are You Looking for a Bodybuilding Workout Program in the Orange County CA area?

Would you like to gain some serious size in your arms?

Do you want to beef up your legs, pump up your chest and slim down your waist line?

If so, then you've come to the right place...SoCal Workouts Orange County Bodybuilding Program and workouts might be just what you're looking for.

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Our fitness trainers, personal trainers, coaches and strength training experts in Orange County can help you get the body you want.


I urge you to check out Orange County’s premier bodybuilding and strength training program. The workouts can be brutal and definitely aren't for everyone. We don't spend too much time on machines and low results exercises. We use mostly free weights and body weight exercises to help you develop that much sought after real strong physique, all while maintaining a lo body fat.

With women we focus more on fat loss and muscle toning to help build a sexier and more defined body. With the men we focus mostly on building strength, adding some muscle and trimming down that gut.

SoCal Workout is definitely a place to check out for your bodybuilding needs. Of course you'll need to eat and good and get rest, but our stregth training workouts are definitely an important spoke on the wheel.

What sets our bodybuilding routine and strength training programs in Orange County California and our Orange County weight loss programs apart is that we make the training sessions exciting and intense, and we absolutely insist that each workout contain a variety of exercises and very little time sitting around, who needs to pay a stregth coach for that?

Who wants to show up to the same old fitness routine every week... I know I don't

Our Orange County bodybuilding and strength training coaches and expert nutritionist team will keep your body on its toes so you don’t just adjust to the same old routine and slow down your progress.

Fair Warning...Our Orange County stregth training program is not for wimps, complainers, low lifes or flakes

I want to let you know that right up front.  If you’re expecting to hire a bodybuilding coach to wipe the drops of little beads of sweat of your forehead, carry around your cute little water bottle, or count your reps, then you need to find a different strength coach as that is not the kind of bodybuilding program that we offer. 

I'm not saying we'll get you looking like Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, Craig Titus (isn't he in prison) or Jay Cutler. To do that you probably need to take a boat load of steroids and that would most likely ruin your health, so we can't help you there.


However, our hand picked strength and bodybuilding coaches can help you look great, build up your muscles and trim off the fat. And we'll help you do this the natural way, without the use of dangerous drugs ( Ughhhhhhhhhhh!!!)


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Orange County Bodybuilding




So there ya have it, I hope that helps you find a good bodybuilding workout to meet your needs


About Orange County California

Orange County is a killer place to live, eat, work, love, shop, lift and just be.

There are plenty of body building options East Irvine, Costa Mesa, Tustin, El Toro, Santa Ana, HB and the rest of Orange County to serve the ever increasing demand of people who want to look and feel their best. Looking good is a part of Orange County's culture and way of life. There are more health clubs and hardcore gyms than one can count.

I am proud to be an Orange County bodybuilder and coach, I can't think of anything better in the world.